Service Agreements, Do they serve a purpose?

Posted by Admin on Jun 21, 2018

 “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”- Socrates

“Molly’s Services”, a company owned by Molly was amongst the reputed family owned business in the field service industry. Molly’s company, like any other in the industry, used pen and paper methods to schedule work to its technicians. With passing time, it was starting to become cumbersome and Molly was looking forward to avert the situation at hand with a plausible solution.

Field service companies specializing in HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical services, functioned on pen and paper for a very long time until the age of technology grew its way into the same. Opportunities provided by the growing technology in this field has paved way to ensure easy manage of work and increased profits.

In accordance to the quote, Molly followed a similar ideology when it came to adopting a field service management software from pen and paper. When a company in this industry moved from pen and paper to a field service management software, it underwent a major transformation. Though the company faced difficulties in the beginning, the fact that all the information associated with it has been automated made the work load much less as opposed to pen and paper. For example, in the pen and paper method, technicians might lose their tickets at any point of time. With the software, the tickets were saved and could be accessed at any point of time.

The company acted as a beacon to educate its technicians(employees) about the software that had been adopted. Further on, once the technicians knew how to operate software, they could use it to its optimal capacity. For example, the concept of service agreements could be easily harnessed using the software. This enabled continued service being offered and increasing revenues. By adopting to a field service management software, the company made available a web of features to its customers paving a path to higher growth.

Molly made best of the opportunity that had been laid before her. At the same time, she entirely focused on how a significant change like this could help her scale up the company and make it reach greater heights and increased revenues.

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