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What makes a great Field Service Technician?

Posted by Admin on Jun 21, 2018

Technical aptitude, Courteous, Responsible, Well-spoken, Punctual, and Professional of course.

But where does “Smart Salesman” fit into the job description?

It may not be the first thing hiring managers look for in a new field tech, but often — and increasingly — it’s an important part of the job. Whether a technician is offering customers an upgrade to the newest line of your product, pitching them on the benefits of signing an ongoing service agreement, or up-selling a contract customer to a full-coverage deal, the guy in the van is now being looked at as a great way to drive new revenue opportunity.


When a technician is at the job site to perform an installation or repair, that is the perfect time to communicate with your customers about the advantages of service agreements. SmartServ’s mobile technology enables your technicians to sell service agreements with ease. Customers can easily view your collateral digitally, technicians don’t need to worry about stocking vehicles with pamphlets, and you don’t have to waste money printing them.


One issue that results in service agreements not being purchased is when the customer fails to return the contract. You’re at the customer’s mercy regarding whether or not it’s going to be returned and if you’re actually going to close the deal. While a customer may be super positive about purchasing a service agreement when you’re there, they can lose steam after the visit and your paper contracts can easily get lost. Eliminate this issue by closing the deal on the spot via digital contracts.

Using their tablet or smartphone, your technicians will be able to sign up new service agreement with customers right in the home or business. Customers can review the contract and ask any questions while the technician is present so they can fully understand all the benefits your business is offering through the service agreement. Digitally signed contracts will be recorded in your business’s database instantly, and a copy can be conveniently emailed to your customer for their records.


Once you have a service agreement in place, using SmartServ’s Mobile-First Software will allow you to keep track of all important information pertaining to customer and their equipment. When your technicians return for an annual visit, they’ll be able to access all previous notes about a customer via their smartphone or tablet. As your technicians perform the tune-up or system inspection, they can easily log notes right into your database. These first-hand notes can be extremely valuable when diagnosing system issues down the road. 

Eliminate the issues that keep your technicians from closing service agreement contracts by incorporating SmartServ’s Mobile-First Software into your sales and service process. You’ll not only gain new customers, but you’ll simplify the maintenance and inspection process. 

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