The What, The Why and How of Scheduling and Dispatching Software

Posted by Admin on Dec 18, 2019

Learn how Scheduling and Dispatching software can help you deliver exceptional customer Service

The What

Scheduling and dispatching software are solutions that help in the day to day functioning of the field service business. They replace the manual and tedious data entry like job of the dispatchers and the office managers. With these dispatch software, the office managers are now able to :

  1. Schedule Appointments while on call with the customer. They can enter all the necessary information in the software, so it can always be referred back to have context when talking to customers as some scheduling and dispatch software have the CRM functionality too. The next time a customer is calling in, the team has all the relevant information on the customer, the past jobs, the invoices etc right in front of them on their screens.
  2. Assign tasks to the technicians after checking their availability, location and skillset in real time.
  3. Rescheduling a job becomes extremely simple, the software comes with a dashboard view from which they are able to do a simple drag and drop on to another date/time and even assign a new technician, if needed.
  4. Don’t make your customers wait in anticipation. The real time location tracking helps you keep your office folks and the customers in loop.
  5. Monitor jobs/tasks that are still unassigned and not resolved.

The above are just a few key things that a good Scheduler and Dispatch software would offer. There are software that offer a lot more features like timecards, Inventory management etc.


The Why:

33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service.

American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer

Customer experiences make or break a business. If your customers don’t feel good about doing business with you, they are not only going to switch to another company but your business will also lose out on their goodwill and recommendations/referrals.

Good customer experiences are delivered when your dispatchers, support reps and field technicians are happy and enjoy their work. More importantly, there needs to be adequate communication between the teams. Lack of communication can cause misunderstandings within the team. With misunderstandings and  lack of proper communication internally, a lot of important context is lost. This loss of context is what causes poor customer experience. Scheduling and Dispatching prior to these softwares was a painful, manual task with little to no context and high vulnerability to making mistakes. The ability to provide a good customer experience was solely dependent on the field technicians and their ability to reach the right job on time and complete their job in stipulated span.

The Scheduling and Dispatch software helps field service business with giving enough context from the minute the dispatch agent answers the call all the way till the field tech marks his job complete. The Office staff don’t have to waste time doing mundane manual work, and have time to learn and spend time being productive. The business owners have the ability to track and monitor the work of the entire team using the dashboard.

The How:

SmartServ is a field service management software that has an intuitive Schedule and Dispatch module. It records customer information, so when your office staff is answering a call from you customers, they have enough context. The Scheduler dashboard has a daily, weekly and monthly calendar like view. The Dispatch staff just needs to assign the agent from the list of available agents (or they can also leave it unassigned, and do that step later). For Jobs and tasks created for  the same day as the call, they can use the live tracking feature and assign the closest Field technician to the job location.

If you would like to learn a little more about how we can help you with getting started, feel free to contact us at sales@smartserv.io 

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